Regulate bowel movement naturally
Natural aid to digestion in pregnancy
Natural and tasty aid for better digestion of your child

Help from nature for better digestion

is a natural source of the enzyme actinidine which makes it a bowel movement stimulator, as it has an important role in the protein breakdown and food digestion.find out more...
is extremely rich source of nutritive fibres and helps in maintaining healthy intestinal microflora and contributes to maintaining normal intestinal function.find out more...
contributes to normal function of the digestion as it contains soluble and insoluble dietary fibres and the natural sugar sorbitol.find out more...
Triple action of Kiwilaks
by enzymes, fibres and prebiotic effects stimulates digestion in a natural way
stimulate biochemical processes in the organism and stimulate faster bowel movement. Kiwi and fig enzymes (actinidin and ficin) breakdown proteins and stimulate digestion.find out more...
prebiotics effects
enable balanced level of good bacteria within the digestive system which have a positive influence on the health of the whole organism.find out more...
are divided into soluble and insoluble and equally maintain the health of the digestive system. Soluble fibres act like a sponge and insoluble like cleaners.find out more...

Kiwilaks is completely natural

Kiwilaks is a completely natural syrup, without preservatives, colouring agents and other additives
  • Regulates digestion naturally
  • Suitable for children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women
  • It has nice flavour
  • It is a natural source of fibres and enzymes
  • It does not cause cramps
  • It is not addictive
  • It does not contain preservatives, colouring agents and additives

Why is regular and planned diet important?

Proper and regular diet is one of the most important factors and preconditions for normal functioning of an organism. Proper diet is a diet which ensures sufficient quantity of calories, vitamins, minerals and liquid for our body, as well as the sufficient quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and fat, so that an organism has a need for building, energy and protective substances.
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Kiwilaks combinations for the best effect

Laksofor Mg
In constipation
Laksofor Mg
Laksofor Mg capsules should be used in constipation in the evening, for 14 days. Then, it should be continued with 1 spoon of Kiwilaks in the morning with a glass of water, for maintaining good health.
Detoks MF®
in flatulence
Detoks MF®
Flatulence is one of the most frequent problems of the digestive system. Detox capsules contain enzymes, bromelain and papain, which speed food decomposition, thus decreasing flatulence. Our recommendation is to take Kiwilaks syrup in the morning, which helps in better bowel movement, and Detoks capsules after the meal.
Vitamin C MF®
for strengthening an organism
Vitamin C MF®
Digestive tract contains 60% of immunological system cells. Nutrients are much better absorbed in a healthy digestive tract. We help our immune system by the combination of Vitamin C and Kiwilaks.
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Our vision is to use all benefits of the medicinal plants of our climate and in this way to enable each man to contribute to maintaining his/her health in as natural way as possible.
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